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In general, which of the following describe your student group?  Please check all that apply.

Is there an area of the world that your group has particular interest in?  Please select all that apply.

Will audio and video equipment be provided?  If so, please specify what will be available.

Please rank the preferred format of the presentation that you are requesting:

  • 1 Lecture (typically led by IEO staff member and will cover topics concerning program options and registration process)
  • 2 Testimonial (typically includes one or more study abroad returnees sharing their personal experiences and insight)
  • 3 Panel (includes several IEO representatives covering one or more topics and study abroad locations)
  • 4 Tabling (staffed by IEO representatives who are knowledgeable about study abroad program options)

Will the IEO presentation be part of a larger event or its own stand-alone session?